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Merlin Stelzer Company pioneered concrete cutting in the Midwest, with over 50 years of professional concrete sawing and drilling service to the construction, industrial and residential market

  1. Trained Union Technicians
  2. Jobs completed on time and on budget
  3. Highest quality work
  4. Excellent safety record

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Core drilling monument cap

Wall Sawing

Track saw for accurate, fast, straight cuts up to 27" deep. Fast, vibration-free cuts for door and window openings, ducts, vents, pipes, demolition, and access openings.

Diamond Grinding

Remove high spots, trip hazards, and joint lips. Improve water runoff. Prepare for coatings, traction improvement and clean off old coatings.

Slab Sawing

Pavement and floor sawing for trenches, pits, expansion joints, patching, loop wiring, demolition, etc.

Core Drilling

Drilling in walls, floors, ceilings, monument, etc for the placement of vent pipes, ductwork, electrical wiring, sewer lines, post installation, test cores, and anchoring bitsizes from 1/4" to 54" in diameter.
Wire sawing under water

Wire Sawing

Wire sawing thick wall sections

Diamond "beads" are strung onto aircraft cable and the wire is then pulled through concrete, stone, steel or whatever. Wire can spin up to 96 feet per second! Great for cutting on delicate structures, heavily reinforced concrete, thick pours, and even for heavy steel cutting!

We have worked most St. Louis job sites including but not limited to: All Major St. Louis Universities, Edward Jones Dome, Scott Trade Center, All Major St. Louis Hospitals, Busch Stadium, Metro Link, Gateway Arch, Ameren UE, St Louis Zoo, Science Center, AT&T, Six Flags, St. Louis Auto Plants, Schools, Churches, Factories, Commercial, and Residential.

Wire sawing thick wall sections