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At Merlin Stelzer we offer a reforging service, where we can fix your broken chisels, points and pry bars. Schuedding Tool Works, a Merlin Stelzer Company, offers a wide range of blacksmithing and reforging services. With reforging we can fix your broken or dull tools to a "like new" state at a fraction of the cost of a new tool.

Breaker Tool Servicing

  1. Hammered and Sharpened
  2. Heat Treated
  3. Like new at a fraction of the cost
  4. Prybars
  5. Hand chisels
  6. Points
  7. Bushing heads
  8. Etc.

We can also create custom wrecking bars. These are made to order, supply a sketch and the required dimensions. These can be made to any length and any shape. They are also heat treated.

New Breaker or Drill Steel

We can also supply new tool steel for chippers, rivet busters, jack hammers, and excavator/backhoe breakers.

  1. Drill Steel
  2. Carbide or Steel Rockbits
  3. Tamper Plates
  4. Plug and Feather
  5. Moil Points
  6. Chisels
  7. Clay Spades/ Asphalt Cutters
  8. Whirl-i-bits
  9. Hand Chisels(Steel or Carbide)
  10. Bushing Tools
  11. Post/Stake Drivers