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Joint Strip

What is firestop used for?

To stop the spread of fire and smoke to protect buildings inhabitants. Firestop products are use for penetnants of:
PVC and Metal Pipes
Curtain Wall
Top of Wall
Electrical Boxes for Construction Penetrations
Joints and Gaps

What items do we carry that are fire stopping solutions?

Intumescent Caulk: 10oz. & 30oz.
Pipe Collars" 2"-6"
Firestop Mastic(Trowel on or spray on)
Fire Rated Mortar
Wrap Strip
Box Guard
Putty Pads
Firestop Pillows
Firestop Putty
Cover Guard

Electrical Box Guard Pass through Guards Firestop Pillow Putty Stick
electrical box firestop guard Pass thru firestop guard Pillow firestop guard Pillow firestop guard