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4109 Papin St.
St. Louis Mo 63110-1733
(314)535-7540 (800)999-TOOL(8665)

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Serving the Construction Industry since 1958
Repairs Fasteners Rentals
  • Diamond bit and blade repairs
  • Factory trained technicians
  • Authorized service center
  1. Anchors
  2. Bolts
  3. Screws
  1. Concrete cutting equipment
  2. Bits and blades
  3. Tools
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Blades Bits Adhesives
  • Diamond Products
  • MK Diamond
  • Lenox
  • Diamond Products
  • Drill Tech
  • Tru-cut
  • Adhesive Technology
  • Franklin International
  • and many more!
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Concrete Cutting Contracting Service

Our affiliate, Merlin Stelzer Services, Inc. will saw, cut, or drill your concrete, asphalt, stone, or brick for you! Visit Merlin Stelzer Services website for more information or call 314.533.1515